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DMC Mining Services Under Construction

February 21, 2014

Top Left: Office building exterior   Bottom Left and Right: DMC Mining office space under construction

DMC Mining Services new offices visualized just over a year ago are now under construction at the newly completed LEED Building, with Condor Properties  in Vaughan.  Working with the DMC President and their management team, WP+A prepared detailed needs analysis, programming and square footage standards to go to market and find their new home.

As the roughly 25,000 sq.ft. space unfolds, new standards and business practices will take shape to support the inherent philosophies of Founder / President Bill Shaver and the senior engineering group. As many successful firms “rethink the office”,” the objectives are to improve collaboration and cut costs”.

See The Globe and Mail article Rethinking The Office

The developed program incorporates the companies identified growth within their existing foot print, however the ability to live through a phased renovation within their existing premises was difficult to manage and became cost prohibitive. Relocation will happen late  March and staff are excited, as the transformation to daylight and open office take shape.


Workplace Trends

June 6, 2013
Coffee bar and collaborative seating at Cara Headquarters.

Coffee bar and collaborative seating at Cara Headquarters.

Sodexo’s “2013 Workplace Trends” report looks at today’s ever-evolving workplaces and offers an analysis of important factors and trends that help organizations increase productivity and growth.

 “Offices today are undergoing a revolutionary shift in design, one that emphasizes adapting to fit the way people work instead of the other way around… A well-designed office can create a sense of community, improve workflow and give the organization the extra edge over the competition for top talent… In order to recruit and retain the top talent, organizations would be remiss to not alter their work environment to provide an office that adheres to the evolving workplace dynamic and supports a multi-generational demographic.”

To learn more, read the full 2013 Workplace Trends report.

Speaker Series: Health & Wellness

April 4, 2013

As part of our shared commitment to community outreach, Westparks+Associates and MAD marketing+design are pleased to be co-sponsoring the first seminar “Coping with Loss” for the upcoming Bayview Concierge speaker series.

We invite you to join us the evening of April 18 at Bayview Golf and Country Club. In a surprisingly uplifting and thought provoking presentation Dr. Stephen Fleming shares his insights and helps us understand the dynamics of grief.

For information and tickets purchase please click here.

It’s our 17th Birthday!

February 22, 2013


Rethinking Ontario Place

January 30, 2013

“a new focal point for our province…. a new attitude to our lake-fronts…. A new show-case for our province and people.”

 The Honourable John Robarts, Premier of Ontario

Ontario Place Countdown Reception and Tour, Toronto, November 3, 1970

The excitement of the initial concept for Ontario Place, the former hub of Toronto’s waterfront, has been lost throughout the years as the urban and social landscape transformed. With the development of a casino looming over the city, it is our duty to take back what was dedicated to us and the people of the Ontario.

On December 1, 2012, Theo West-Parks had the honour of joining 40 of Ontario’s top creatives in a design charrette to revisit the vision of Ontario Place, hosted by the Martin Prosperity Institute, the Design Industry Advisory Committee, and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. Together with the original architect, Eberhard Zeidler, they vetted many designs aimed at returning this waterfront site to its original vision.

See the video of the design charrette, or visit to get involved!

WP+A Published!

January 15, 2013

Space II: Workplace“We spend a large proportion of our waking hours at work, which makes good workplace design crucial to projecting the right image in addition to putting us in the right mood and enhancing employee productivity.”

Space II: Workplace is a collection of corporate interiors celebrated for their originality by the international design community. Flip to page 226 and you can spot the new offices of Cushman & Wakefield, Markham, designed by yours truly! We are honoured to be included in these selected projects from around the globe. Here is a slide show of the document, and the link to purchase.

“Living the brand has become an important part of doing business”

November 27, 2012

The branding and overall design that WP+A created for Cara Headquarters communicated what their CEO saw as a reflection of the company and his inclusive, collaborative vision for how the business would grow in the future.

From the logo, to the office’s carpet, to the way the receptionist answers the phone, branding has become a vital aspect of today’s successful business. The Globe and Mail recently published “Who wouldn’t want a brand like Apple’s?” an article examining the importance of branding in today’s market.

“Many people think building a brand starts with external pieces such as brochures, websites and business cards. But ground zero is inside the company… Everyone in the business should understand what the company’s brand is and how it should manifest itself every day… Typically, they are based on a concept or attitude more than a product or service.”

The design of an office plays a major role in branding as it has a great impact on the atmosphere and attitude of the team, which in turn project the business’ image to the public.

For more information about the importance of design on a workplace’s culture see our blog post “Space shapes behaviour. Behaviour over time equals culture… Space is a strategic lever whose time has come.”

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